Project Management

Project Management helps your business successfully complete its initiatives. Whether this includes introducing an IT solution or making a change to your processes and procedures, our Project Management team will help you identify, attain, and measure business benefits.


Project Management provides a wide range of services to ensure your business obtains its desired short- and long-term outcomes when taking one of your change initiatives. By balancing finances, schedules, risk, and personnel, Project Management coordinates these resources to achieve predictable results.

Value We Provide

Improved Project Success Rates: as a project progresses, its scope may change. It can broaden, narrow, or shift to a different area altogether. Without proper project management in place, this could derail the project, and if a project is completed, it may not deliver what your business needs.

Our Project Management team works within a framework that allows us to track, alter, or redefine trajectories as needed. This is especially important in an environment where the technological landscape is always changing. Our team works hard to set project deliverables, track and communicate schedules, set measurable goals and milestones, and perform stage-gate reviews. All of this adds up to a successful project that addresses your business needs.

Management Capacity: our Project Management team handles the details of a project so you don’t have to. We manage third-party vendors; we ensure the project is on track; we measure project outcomes. Using our Project Management team means you don’t have to manage  a project yourself. 

Furthermore, we have a thorough understanding of the University environment. This is especially crucial when a project has a tight deadline: you don’t have time to spend time explaining to a third-party how the University functions. Our Project Management team already has existing relationships and contacts across faculties — we know who to talk to.  

Reduced Risk: any project comes with a certain amount of risk. Our trained professionals can determine how much risk is associated with each stage of your project, how to avoid it when possible, and how to deal with it when necessary.

Our team integrates risk management into each project plan to provide you with a clear roadmap. Risk is not always bad: some risk can be capitalized on, and professional project managers can help you identify which risks can be turned into valuable opportunities. 

Lower Costs: project management is a successful way to control spending within a change initiative. Our Project Management team will advise you on streamlining your business process, saving resources, aligning goals with strategies, and pursuing worthwhile projects that will provide a large return on investment. 

Project Management also provides financial management through detailed project definition, accurate estimating, formal budgeting, and careful tracking of the project costs against the budget. Foregoing project management could end up costing your organization more in terms of time, resources, and work hours

Services We Offer

Our Project Management team helps you assess, plan, and deliver both IT and non-IT initiatives. Some of the areas in which we offer expertise include:

  • assessments projects;
  • change initiatives;
  • strategic planning;
  • organizational change;
  • software adoption;
  • facility upgrades.

Whether you’re planning a project in IT infrastructure, administration, research or teaching and learning, our team works with you to make sure you obtain your planned outcomes. We manage the budget, schedule scope, risk and resource management in the most efficient and effective manner possible.  

Engage with us to bring clarity, transparency, and risk management to any of your change initiatives. 


Engaging with trained project managers hands you a detailed detailed plan to get through your business’ change. To help you reach your business goals, our Project Management team follows a consistent and structured approach:

  1. Intake: proposal is developed and evaluated. The nature, scope, and objectives of the project are captured. Planning begins on the time, cost, and resources needed to complete the project while effectively managing risk.
  2. Execution: materials, funds, and workforce are allocated and coordinated appropriately to meet project goals. Project objectives, deliverables, and performance are all tracked as the project moves along.  
  3. Sustain: project outcomes are assessed against objectives and the team ensures that operations, services and benefits are maintained after the project has been delivered. 
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