Past Work

We work with many different faculties, departments, centres, institutes and business units around the University to move the current level of operations to the desired one. Our list of projects is ever-growing; browse through some of our past work below. To get started, contact your IST Relationship Manager or email us at

Client: President’s Office

As the President travels to meetings internationally or locally, he carries binders of information pertaining to the meetings he will attend during his trip. The binders are used to prepare the President for meetings or presentations the President is to attend during his travels. If the binder is for an upcoming out-of-town trip, it can be very cumbersome to carry a binder, or binders, that could contain weeks worth of information on a plane. Introducing an electronic version of the briefing notes will allow the President to carry any mobile device and access up-to-date briefing information. When updates are received by the Information Coordinator during the President’s travels, once internet access has been re-established, the information will automatically sync, if it has been set up to do so. Time is also a factor, the time to collate (printing, photocopying, hole punching), the process of getting updated information to the President during travels all factored into the initiative being struck.

Various “ebriefing” solutions were assessed and EverNote was chosen. EverNote allows the sharing of information, both on and off line. Documents, travel directions, web pages, notes, pictures, etc. can be stored in secure areas and accessed from any mobile device with a web browser.


  • Eliminate the paper binder the President uses for meeting briefings
    • Eliminate paper costs though these are not known at this time (as they pertain to the creation of the briefing binders)
    • Reduce time to consolidate information in the binder:
      • Elimination of photocopying, printing, hole punching, collating
  • Have up-to-the-minute information updates when the President is travelling
  • Enable collaboration on documents
  • Have both online and offline access to briefing information as the President travels
  • The President will have access to the briefing notes from any web-accessible device (iPhone, iPad, Android tablet or phone, Mac, PC) so as to not be limited by technology
  • Ability to encrypt sensitive data

When we opened our new Undergraduate Student Services Office, we wanted to create a system that would allow students to sign in and sit down while waiting for advisors, rather than having them stand in line. We also needed to find a way to redirect staff time from routine activities so they could focus on speaking with students regarding substantive issues and identified several activities that could be “automated” to a certain degree.

Google form with an attached spreadsheet. When a student comes into the office, they access the google form from a PC setup at the front desk. The student selects from a list of options specifying their need (admissions, withdrawal, Change or declaration of Major, Minor, or Certificate). When the form is submitted, the advisor(s) on duty greet the student and come forward to discuss the student’s needs. When the advisor has completed the student’s request, they may enter comments pertaining to the discussion. 

Additional opportunities were also identified to use google forms. Change or Declaration of Major/Minor, Change or Declaration of Certificate, Request for Course Overload, and Request for Withdrawal forms have all been created and are now successfully logging student requests at any time of day.


  • Automation of capturing requests from students
  • Storage of resolutions for requests
  • The rollout of our sign in system led to additional projects and the staff are able to manage their workload much better. All of the projects combined, then allowed our staff to focus on developing our Academic Advisement Reports, which provide up to the minute summaries of how courses are meeting particular student requirements
  • Easy reporting of information as everything is captured in a google sheet that can be downloaded and/or manipulated as required for reporting purposes

Office of Advancement manages a high volume of donation and stewardship records. These essential documents are physically housed in secured filing storage and in various offices across the University.

This presents the following business challenges:

  • Staff must access paper documents, or utilize convenience copies, which may may not contain the most up-to-date information
  • Resources and effort spent on locating and looking through files for specific documents
  • No remote accessibility to the information, a prevalent need in Office of Advancement business

Collaboration between the Office of Advancement and the EDRMS team to create a solution that leveraged technologies, such as Alfresco & Kofax Express, to provide digital conversion of documents and secure storage for enterprise access and management.


  • Single source of truth - confidence in using the most current information to drive business
  • Accessibility - information is available when and where it is needed
  • Search - immediate retrieval of information; spending less time looking and more time finding
  • Integration - seamless transition from source CRM system to relevant documents, becoming embedded in business process
  • Secure storage - information is secured behind University single sign-on system; providing convenience, security, and auditing
  • New capabilities - these benefits enable the business to explore new document and records management capabilities and solutions for the future