Organizational Change Management

If your group plans to make improvements and implement change, Organizational Change Management (OCM) can help you achieve results by engaging with people to become ready, willing, and able to adopt and utilize your changes effectively.


OCM is the practice of applying a structured approach to help your business transition from a current state to a future state to achieve expected benefits. It focuses on managing changes to business processes, behaviours, and technology.

Value We Provide

According to benchmarking research, projects are six times more likely to achieve their goals when they use effective change management. OCM allows for success by mobilizing people to deliver results.

Some of the benefits OCM can deliver include:

Reduced Risk:  changes that are highly dependent on the adoption and use of evolving business processes, behaviours and technologies have a low certainty of achieving results. Consider how much of your expected results depend on people doing work differently. If people don't change how they do their jobs, it won’t matter what specific changes are implemented, and you won't achieve what you set out to from the beginning.

Our OCM team works closely with you during your business transition to decrease the uncertainty and risk associated with changes and shorten the time to realize benefits. In doing so, we ensure you make the most of what you invest and see a greater return sooner.

Increased Sustainability: the University’s landscape  is changing at a rapid pace, and your organization has to be prepared for what the future holds. Venturing forward without a change management plan could cost an organization its viability.

Our OCM team will put a blueprint together focused on building change management capabilities, allowing your organization to be more adaptable, flexible, and ready for change. By preparing for the changes your group will encounter, we can provide your employees the tools they need to be successful, thus securing your organization’s success.

Better Employee Morale: change is daunting, particularly to the people involved. Miscommunication, lack of preparation, and lack of engagement are common factors that can contribute to an employee’s sense of fear and unease during a business transition.

Our OCM team will address your employees’ concerns and keep your organization running efficiently. We strive to keep lines of communication open with all the teams and individuals involved. When employees feel they are being supported, they are more likely to perform better and take an active role in the business transition. 

Improved Results: the success of any organization depends on its ability to navigate change. This skill is crucial to keeping a competitive edge, staying on top of trends, and maintaining an effective operation. 

Our OCM team allows your organization to develop goals, milestones, and leaders during a business transition. Having a change management plan in place means that you are more likely to achieve your desired results, all while minimizing disruption to day-to-day operations. This adds up to a stronger outcome for your organization. 

Services We Offer

OCM helps you achieve results through adoption and usage of change.  Engage in OCM when you are implementing changes that impact people, including changes to:

  • tools and technologies;
  • processes;
  • culture and behaviours;
  • organizational structure.

We can help you bring OCM and its benefits to your change initiatives by providing:

  • consulting and advisory services;
  • change impact evaluation and organizational readiness assessments;
  • strategy and planning;
  • change execution and support;
  • sustainment planning and execution.


OCM helps you achieve your goals in three stages:

  1. Intake: meet with you to understand the change and the people that are impacted.
  2. Execute: develop and execute a strategy aligned with the type and size of your change.
  3. Sustain: measure how well the change is taking hold and provide guidance to help ensure continued success.
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