Business Analysis

Business Analysis helps you maximize your organization’s efficiency and effectiveness. By reviewing your business needs and processes and working with you to determine the best course of action, our Business Analysis team can identify, recommend, and analyze solutions to your business problems. 


Business Analysis examines your organization’s processes, systems, and documents to determine where and how your business model can be improved. These improvements may include analyzing the need for new software systems, upgrading a process, making an organizational change, creating new policies, and outlining a strategic plan. By engaging with Business Analysis, you can ensure that your organization is operating as efficiently and effectively as possible. 

"The current EDRMS team have been a team I have truly enjoyed working with. They take the time to understand the problems, challenges and operation of the business units they serve."

- Thomas Hidson, Assistant Registrar

Value We Provide

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and there are a multitude of paths that your organization could take. By working with Business Analysts, you can determine which path is the right fit for you before investing time and money into it. This planning and forethought will ensure that your organization is well prepared for the future and any changes it will bring. 

Some of the benefits our Business Analysis team can deliver include: 

Improved Project Efficiency: each project comes with a certain amount of risk: it can run over schedule, over budget, or fall short of target goals. Embarking on that project without doing a proper analysis only increases those risks.

Our team does a thorough investigation of what options are best for your organization. Once a project is decided upon, we ensure efficiency by reducing rework and shortening project length. This process reduces waste and puts your business ahead.

Diversified Portfolio: innovation is key to staying competitive. By searching out new business opportunities, your organization can ensure it always showcases a contemporary business portfolio.

Our team will help you identify advantageous business opportunities. We work with you to conduct feasibility studies, perform risk assessments, and prepare business cases. Pursuing new ventures and diversifying your portfolio will guarantee that your organization is always growing. 

Stronger Competitive Advantage: new tools, technologies, and systems are constantly being developed. To stay ahead in a competitive marketplace, businesses need to not only stay on top of the latest trends, but also make sure those trends meet their needs.

Our team will keep your organization ahead of the competition by investigating new tools and systems that match your business plan. By pairing your business needs with the appropriate solution, your organization will gain a competitive advantage. 

Solutions: your organization is unique. Working with someone who understands and appreciates your distinct challenges while finding you a best-fit solution, be it technical or non-technical, will help your business thrive. 

Our team will help your organization find the solution that can benefit you. Business Analysis steps back and looks at your business as a whole, identifies integration points with other systems, and aligns your business needs with your strategic direction and goals.

Services We Offer

Our Business Analysis team works alongside clients to provide professional IT services throughout the various stages of project or non-project work. Some of the services Business Analysis offers include:

  • Assessment: not all problems require a technical solution. We are here to help you find the best fit.
  • Request for Proposal (RFP): our team helps your organization create the RFP documents, analyze the responses, and select the winning vendor. 
  • Pre-Project: support with project deliverables and planning.
  • Project Execution: requirements elicitation and assessment.
  • Testing: assisting in the development of testing strategies and validation against requirements.
  • Post-Project: follow-up on solutions to ensure benefits have been delivered to our clients.


Business Analysis bridges the gap between the problem and the solution by viewing the situation through the client’s eyes. Business Analysts can then work with technical teams, if required, to solve whatever issues the client is facing.

  1. Consultation:  consult with you to identify your business reason/opportunity, your vision, what benefits you hope to be realized, identify viable solutions (technical or non-technical) and their possible costs.
  2. Intake: identify requirements, stakeholders, processes, if and where processes can be improved to meet your vision and realize some identified benefits; discuss change to people and processes impacted; liaison between business and executive.
  3. Execution: Help business navigate the complexities of solution implementation, ensuring a collaborative approach towards objectives, while aligning with University strategy; establish the case for change and facilitate buy in with involved parties.
  4. Sustain:  create sustainment and move-to-operations plans, including policy and governance, for the solution;  touch base with client after implementation to discuss success / improvements on project execution and solution is being used to its full potential.


"The current EDRMS team (Len, Suresh, James and Jason) have been a team I have truly enjoyed working with. They take the time to understand the problems, challenges and operation of the business units they serve. I believe we have fostered a strong relationship where we have been able to have open dialogue as we progress through operational and strategic approaches with the EDRMS program. I have been able to see a transformation in the level of service they provide and have greatly appreciated their efforts since the group formed. Our interactions with them add value to understanding opportunities and challenges. When I think of the larger EDRMS including our records management office, plus advancement and archives I am optimistic that we have a group that understands their roles as well as they need to collaborate and learn. I continue to see this team as a critical piece to the success of future EDRMS work."
Thomas Hidson, Assistant Registrar (Office of the Registrar)

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