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OnTheHub provides you with instant access to discounted software titles online. No waiting in line or phoning to order—just pure convenience.

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Apple products provide the superior performance, reliability and design you count on for the ultimate school experience. Shop with us and you're guaranteed an exemplary Apple product and extra perks like gift cards or additional discounts. Now we call that a win-win situation.

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Printing Vendors

An abundance of printing services are available on and around campus to meet your printing needs.

Posters, banners, vinyl wraps, we have it all!

Our Supporting Vendors

While we're your campus experts, we can't do everything ourselves!
The university and IST have established preferred purchasing agreements with with these vendors to provide superior value through
competitive pricing, streamlined delivery cycles and efficient processing on a selection of standard configurations.
Staff and students are welcome to use these preferred vendors to receive reduced prices on selected products and equipment—for work and home use!


Acrodex - Flexible IT Solutions

As an Alberta based Preferred Supplier, Acrodex represents most major IT brands including Lenovo, Dell, Apple, Microsoft, HP, Cisco and others. Not sure what fits your needs? Acrodex can help! Click below for our home page and chat live with one of our representatives, or call us at 1-855-465-2911 or email at

Shop with Acrodex and your Preferred Supplier Agreement Number: HE3520. Visit Acrodex

Find free and discounted software

Gear Up with Microserve

Shop smarter this school year, and gear up with Microserve to find the perfect technology for success. Microserve is proud to be the University of Alberta’s Preferred Supplier of Lenovo hardware along with a range of other products such as Apple and Microsoft hardware which are available to you at Educational Discounts. 

Shop with Microserve and your Preferred Supplier Agreement Number: HE3518. Visit Microserve


Mobile Phones


TELUS Exclusive Partner Discounts

University of Alberta staff get exclusive discounts from TELUS! Discover the latest home and mobility options and start saving. Find more information on TELUS’ exclusive partner discounts or reach out to the TELUS support team at or 1-844-888-4440.

TELUS Exclusive Partner Discounts


Free Software

There are some things you can’t be without and software keeps it all within reach.
Browse the below list of essential software that are freely available and ready to download instantly.