Collect the information you need

The optical mark readers and online surveys may be used for data entry from an unlimited variety of customized forem, e.g., census surveys, election ballots and program/conference evaluations.

What options are available for questionnaires?

There are 4 levels at which forms may be generated for specific requirements. These forms should not be acquired, developed or modified without coordinating your activities with TSQS if you intend to have us process (read) the sheets for you.

  1. Questionnaires for the collection of students' ratings of instructors and courses may be generated using the IDQ system to print the desired questions in a prescribed format on forms that have been designed for that purpose.
  2. Forms may be printed locally with a fair amount of flexibility in formats (layouts). These forms are restricted to 8.5 by 11 sheets and are normally printed in red ink. (Requests for other colours must not be done without specific arrangements with TSQS. If you have inquiries you can contact them at This partial-customization option is suggested for situations involving the need for a special single-sheet form in quantities of 2,000 to as many as 20,000 sheets. Development of the master copy and the scanning program will take from 3 to 6 hours (at $60 per hour) depending on the specific requirements.
  3. Totally customized forms allowing variations in form size and colors as well as other special needs are accommodated by working with an outside vendor who specializes in producing OMR forms.
  4. Small quantities (100's rather than 1000's) of forms may be generated with a relaxation of the above constraints. Inquiries about this option should be addressed to

What options are available for census surveys?

TSQS has been processing census surveys for a variety of clients for over 20 years. We rely on an external supplier to print the customized forms that will be used by the census takers. Since 1999, we have had the ability to pre-print / pre-slug form numbers and addresses as well as any other information that is often known about a dwelling before it is visited.

How are results from questionnaires tabulated?

If you prefer to have us (TSQS) tabulate your survey data for you, two simple options are available:

You can use the SPSS package to perform the tabulations that you desire (charges apply). Or, you are able to use our QUESEVAL program to produce results.

QUESEVAL is designed for use with data files produced by the GPSCOR scanner program or by one of the special-purpose scanner programs that are used to read customized data sheets: usually answer sheets that have both the questions and the response bubbles presented on a single sheet of paper. Unless special arrangements are made in advance, the text of the questions will be unknown to us when the GPSCOR program and General Purpose Answer sheets are used. In this case, the default text that appears in the report will simply be "Question 1", "Question 2", etc. When customized answer sheets are used, we will be able to include the text of the questions in the report.

GPSCOR and special-purpose scanner programs all accommodate the inclusion of Batch Header sheets to identify batches (groups) of answer sheets. When Batch Header sheets are used, a separate report (page) is produced for each batch. Information coded on the Batch Header sheets will appear in the title of the report.