Instructor Designed Questionnaire (IDQ) System

Gather the right results

The Instructor Designed Questionnaire (IDQ) system assists to reduce irrelevant items often associated with standardized questionnaires; allows for the inclusion of items relevant to the individual instructor, university, the faculty and the department; and allows for normative as well as individualized feedback on the quality of instruction.

What are features of the IDQ System?

Block-ids for Common or Core Questions
Block-ids are 4-character codes associated with specific subsets of questions. When selecting questions for a given questionnaire, it is possible to include one or more of these subsets of items by simply specifying the appropriate block-id. This feature simplifies the task of requesting a particular set of questions that have been identified for repeated usage over a number of occasions. Departments or individuals wishing to make use of this feature should contact the TSQS support staff who will assist with defining and implementing the desired block-id.

Block-ids for Administrative Reports
In addition to the Instructor Report which is intended for the use of the individual instructor, three types of reports may be generated for administrative purposes:

  1. Administrative Copies of the Instructor Report
  2. Aggregate Report
  3. Administrator's Summary

Team Teaching Format
A special format is available in the IDQ system to support evaluation of courses which involve multiple instructors. The questionnaire is arranged such that the questions that apply to the overall course appear first. These are followed by questions that apply to the instructor. Instructor-related questions are repeated for each instructor involved in the course.

This format:

  • avoids burdening students by asking the same course-related questions multiple times
  • draws attention to the idea that the number of questions asked about a particular instructor should decrease as the number of instructors increases

When these questionnaires are processed, the data are separated such that a separate report is generated for each of the instructors appearing on the questionnaire. Results for the common, course-related questions are included on each instructors' report.

How can I obtain questionnaires for my class?

To generate your questionnaires, you must use the Instructor Designed Questionnaire Requisition form or use the Online Requisition system. Photocopies of this form may not be used. Original copies of this Requisition form may be obtained without charge by contacting TSQS and asking for the IDQ Requisition form. A separate Requisition form must be completed for each different questionnaire. If several instructors wish to use the same set of questions or if the same questionnaire is to be administered to several different classes, such multiple requests may be communicated by the use of a single IDQ Requisition form along with a Class Identification Attachment.

An alternative to submitting a Requisition form is to use the Online Requisition system. This eliminates the need to send us an IDQ Requisition form and allows you to preview the questionnaire that you wish to generate. Questionnaires created using this method will normally be printed on the next business day.

How can I gain access to the online requisition system?

Access to the Online Requisition system, is restricted to designated individuals who are identified as our regular IDQ contacts. Normally, we have one IDQ contact in each Department. To gain access to this system, please contact

Current users can access the system by visiting the online request website.

What does the IDQ report consist of?

A one-page report is generated for each class from which students' ratings have been collected. The Instructor Report contains the text of each of the rating questions appearing on the questionnaire. The questions are reported in the sequence that they were printed on the questionnaire. Following the text of each question, the numbers of students responding to the rating scale Strongly Disagree (SD), Disagree (D), Neutral (N), Agree (A), and Strongly Agree (SA) are reported. These frequencies are followed by the median of the responses.

How can I search the IDQ catalog?

To begin your search, visit the IDQ catalog.

How can I identify my class-id?

To determine the class-id for your particular course, use the class-id search.

How can I identify my block-id?

Block-ids are associated to a common set of questions in an IDQ requisition and are used to simplify requests. To determine the block-id for your particular set of questions, use the block-id search.