Test Scoring & Questionnaire Services (TSQS)

Test Scoring & Questionnaire Services are provided to support test scoring, survey data collection, and general data-entry activities. While we primarily use optical mark reader (OMR) technology, we are experiencing an increasing demand for online Web surveys. A major activity of this centre is the generation and processing of USRIs or the universal students' ratings of instruction questionnaires using the Instructor Designed Questionnaire (IDQ) system.

Wonder how all your scantron exams get marked? That's IST!

Multiple Choice Exams

Tests and exams are a natural part of university life. If you’re gathering data from surveys or exams, take a load off and let us process the results.

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Evaluate your class online


Universal Student Ratings of Instruction provide feedback from classes to help instructors, departments and faculties improve curriculum.

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Gather results from a variety of applications including program and conference evaluations, census surveys, and election ballots.

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The Instructor Designed Questionnaire system allows users to tailor questionnaires to the instructor, university, faculty or the department.

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Web Surveys

Increase your response rate through the use of online web forms. All you need is an idea and we'll assist in survey design and administration.

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Support Staff can be emailed via test.scoring@ualberta.ca or you may call them directly by phone 780.492.2741:

  • Margarita Stewart,
    Team Leader/Analyst
  • Mitra Mohseni,
  • Margaret Lajczak,
  • Mike Desrochers,
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