Hardware Support

Your message, effectively delivered.

Whether delivering a message to an audience through a projector, computer, monitor or other piece of technology, we take the transmission of your message seriously and are on campus to help you deliver your content effectively. If it’s equipment already installed on campus, we look after ongoing maintenance to ensure it’s up and running and ready to go at a moment’s notice. If you’re interested in a specific configuration, unique to your needs, custom configurations are also possible through a needs consultation.

What services do you offer?

Our goal is to provide you with the best mechanisms available in order for you to effectively share your message. To meet this goal IST provides a wide range of services to campus which include room enhancements, hardware installs, repairs, ongoing maintenance, and provides one-on-one needs assessments to develop technology solutions for your specific needs.

What is a needs consultation?

During a needs consultation our team of experts will meet with you, and together, determine what tools are needed for you to most effectively deliver your message. We’ll discuss the technical requirements for the classroom, lab, or meeting room at hand and work with you to stay within budget.

How do I request your services?

You can contact us through our contact form. Just let us know what you are looking for, or the kind of support you need, and we’ll be sure to assign someone to your request.

What kind of technology is available for labs, classrooms and meeting rooms?

In most labs and classrooms you will find an array of projectors, computers, monitors, input panels, AMX Touchpanels, DVD/BluRay/VCR, sound systems and microphones. For specific details on what is in our centrally booked labs, view our Lab Bookings page

Do these services have a cost?

Yes. We will work with you, your needs and your budget to get you the optimum solutions for your needs.

What is the process for supplying hardware to a classroom, lab or meeting room?

There are five basic steps to achieving your classroom technology goals.

The process begins with the Concept step. During this initial phase we gather the requirements depending on what you would like to do in the room. Second, is Procurement, during which our team will source and purchase all the necessary supplies and equipment. Third, is Installation, where our team of experts put together all the supplies and equipment necessary to build a room catered to you. Fourth, is the all important Testing step, where we examine all the equipment to verify it is properly functioning  and running as it should. Finally, our team steps into the Education phase. During this time, we take on the role of educators to train instructors and department members on how the classroom, lab, or meeting room works, as well as how to use the technology effectively to share their message.

Do you provide custom teaching solutions?

Yes. We offer various custom teaching solutions to meet your needs. One such example being a collaboration room. A collaboration room allows for multi-device presentations to  be shown through one display/projector. This setup allows you to  connect on various laptops/desktops to collaborate with group members, give presentations or teach from various sources.

We also provide dual screen projection. This setup allows you to show the problem on one screen and collaboratively work together live on an adjacent screen.

Who can I contact for after hours support?

To receive after hours support, send an email to ist@ualberta or through the contact form. Let us know what you need support with and where you are located and we’ll be sure to get someone to assist.

Where can I get my personal devices repaired?

A list of external vendors that can help you repair personal devices is listed in this KB article.