Application Development

Applications built with you in mind

Our team is comprised of skilled professionals with a variety of knowledge in IT applications, practices and methodology. We work together to design the best solution for your specific needs. Looking for a custom solution? Let’s meet to talk about your ideas and we’ll take care of the rest.

What services do you provide?

Application Development offers a variety of key services to the university community. Our team can help your research group or institutional project reach its goals. We can assist with PaaS Development, Enterprise Application Development, Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Consulting Services, QA and Testing, Analytics and Reporting, as well as Visualization Graphics.

What services do you offer for PaaS development?

If you are looking for customization within Platform as a Service solutions - including Service-Now, Jira, and Blackboard - we can help.

What services do you offer for enterprise application development?

Full software development services are offered right on-campus. Meet one-on-one with our developers to design custom solutions to assist with your team workflow and current projects.

What services do you offer for web application development?

Completely responsive web applications that work seamlessly across different platforms are within reach. We create custom solutions that best suit your needs and look after back-end data management, data manipulation, and front-end UI design.

What services do you offer for mobile application development?

Native application development solutions for iOS and Android devices are here. We create apps that interact with web services, collect and store data, use external authentication, and are visually appealing.

What services do you offer for QA and testing?

No matter how well an application is working, it always helps to have an extra set of eyes to prevent errors from happening. Avoid mistakes and save valuable time, effort, and materials with quality assurance services. Our QA services ensure your application is able to complete all defined tasks and accurately generate desired results.