Google FAQs

Google for All Things School

G Suite for Education is a simple, powerful collection of productivity tools by Google, built for maximizing communication and collaboration. UAlberta G Suite is the University of Alberta’s implementation of G Suite for Education, used by all our students and staff.

How do I access my UAlberta email, calendar, and applications?

UAlberta G Suite can be accessed by:

  • Navigating to the top of any university webpage and selecting 'Email & Apps'. 
  • Browsing directly to and signing in there.
  • Logging in directly from the consumer Gmail site as detailed here.

How do I sync my UAlberta G Suite account to my mobile device?

You can set up your Android or iOS device by visiting our Google Sync Mobile Set Up guide.

How do I request and use an email alias with my UAlberta Gmail account?

You may request a preferred email alias here. Once approved, your Gmail account will automatically receive mail sent to either email address, but you will need to follow these steps to be able to send mail from your new alias.

What options are available if Gmail is blocked in my country?

  • If you are an applicant who has not logged into UAlberta Gmail before, you will need to contact our Service Desk for a workaround.
  • If Gmail is blocked by your Internet Service Provider, you could try connecting to a VPN and then attempting to access Gmail again. Instructions on using the university’s VPN are available here.
  • If you are planning a trip to a place where Google is blocked, you can try accessing your email account using the legacy mail server, but you have to set it up before leaving. No support is provided for this option, and only basic Gmail features can be accessed this way.

Where can I learn more about the Google Services, such as Gmail, Calendar, etc?

Need help with the basics? Visit the Google Toolkit page to learn how to use G Suite at work and school. If you would like additional hands-on training for particular apps, visit the Technology Training Centre for a list of available workshops.

How can I stay up to date on all the new releases and updates happening in UAlberta G Suite?

You can subscribe to the UAlberta G Suite release calendar to be informed of the latest G Suite releases at the University of Alberta.

Where can I go to find out more about the University of Alberta’s computing policies and best practices?

You can visit IST’s security page for a collection of online safety tips, or go to the Office of the Chief Information Security Officer’s website for more details and the university’s official policies.

I have graduated or am leaving the University of Alberta, how do I get a copy of my UAlberta email and other G Suite files or data?

You can use the Google Takeout self-serve tool. In a few easy steps, Google Takeout can help you create an archive copy of data (UAlberta G Suite apps like Gmail, Calendar, and more) to keep for your records or transfer to another account.