Videoconferencing and Audio Visual

Capture, Share and Connect

You have a need to share information, and we have the expertise and resources to see it through. Whether capturing a lecture to share online with students, meeting with a client remotely, or recording a lecture for later self-assessment, we’ll streamline the setup of materials and offer training. From videoconferencing; video recording and lecture capture to equipment rentals and training, we have you covered.

How do I request videoconferencing assistance?

If you require videoconferencing assistance, training or support, please contact us through our Video & Web Conferencing Portal. The portal provides you the opportunity to reserve a location, consult our experts on design and equipment setup, and request assistance for configuration of equipment and installation of mobile equipment.

What options are available for videoconferencing?

Today’s remote meetings don’t end with audio; videoconferencing has become the new standard for today’s meetings, conferences and events. Our videoconferencing suite allows you to bring your meetings closer through clear voice and video. We will work with you to schedule your videoconference, and we will set up any mobile equipment you may need.

We are available for assistance with Adobe Connect; limited support is available for non-standard applications including Skype, WebX, Go-to-Meeting and MeetMe.

What options are available for training?

We are pleased to offer training and support for any and all of our equipment; setups in labs and classrooms; and rental equipment.

Specific training is offered on a range of devices, including smart classrooms, video conference rooms, cameras, small scale sound systems, projectors and screens. We would be glad to set up a training session to familiarize you with any equipment you would like further instruction on.

Where can I rent equipment?

If you’re looking to record a lecture or use equipment for a school project, we have you covered. We provide access to a range of a range of items which are available to rent: video cameras, audio equipment, projectors, LCD panels, document cameras and more. Get in touch for the latest rates and list of available equipment. 

It’s best to initiate contact for equipment at least 24 hours in advance, so we are able to ensure equipment is available.

What services are available for video recording and lecture capture?

Share your lecture with students on learning management systems, as a supplement to distance learning, on eClass for students to review or for your own self-assessment. Our basic setup consists of one camera, operated by a technician; though more advanced setups can be arranged. 

To book resources and equipment, we recommend initiating contact at least a week in advance so we are able to determine and book the appropriate equipment. Available equipment includes: audio systems, projectors, computers, and video systems.

Want to start the process to get your video recorded, please contact us at