What visualization tools and services are available?

WestGrid maintains a Visualization Expert who is shared across Compute Canada. Each consortia within Compute Canada maintains a set of visualization resources, as follows:

Compute Ontario:


How may these visualization tools and services be accessed?

Accessing these tools and services depends on the systems on which they have been deployed.


What training is available for visualization?

Training is available through the individual consortia and will be listed via the links to the visualization portions of their websites, linked to above, when available. Requests can also be made through the various consortia support channels for visualization training.


What support is available for visualization?

Visualization, like other services, is supported at the level of the consortia. Direct support is available via the email address for the appropriate consortium listed here (Note that Calcul Québec offers email support by system while the other consortia use a single email to support all systems):

Calcul Québec:


What costs are associated with visualization?

Use of the visualization systems and support available within the Compute Canada network is free for faculty and librarians at Canadian research institutions although use beyond basic amounts is subject to the RAC review process noted above.