What training is available?

A variety of training opportunities are available throughout the year on an ongoing basis.
Principally these include:

  • Data and/or Software Carpentry Workshops. These are two day workshops meant to bootstrap researchers into the position where they are able to begin handling data appropriately and using programming pipelines to process them. These are typically available at the start of each Fall and Winter term.
  • Webinars. These are available throughout the term with a rotating array of topics. Current listings of upcoming and archived events at the University of Alberta and WestGrid can be found at
  • HPC Systems Skills Workshops. These are typically run as in-person workshops at the University of Alberta during Research Data Management Week which happens between the Winter and Spring terms each year.


How do I find out about training opportunities and sign-up for them?

Upcoming training events are posted on the front page of the Research Computing Group page with registration information attached to each link.


What is the cost of training?

Training is typically free. The only exceptions are Data Carpentry and Software Carpentry courses where there is usually a $20 fee that is used to cover the cost of coffee and snacks throughout the two-day workshops.