What software is available?

The software that is available varies from system to system. Compute Canada is moving towards offering a single list of software available across all the systems but this is not yet available. Currently the individual consortia manage the HPC systems and maintain lists of this software, as follows:

Compute Ontario:


What is the process for installing new software modules?

New software modules are usually installed by system analysts and administrators on a system-wide level. Requests for new modules can be made by emailing Commercial software packages can also be requested.


What training is available for software tools?

Training is available for how to use select software tools via workshops, webinars, and one-on-one sessions. There are also instructions for how to use most of the systems on the consortia websites. Requests can also be made through the various consortia support channels for HPC training.


What support is available for software tools?

Support for software tools varies widely. Tool users are encouraged to send an email to the respective support contact for the system the tool is installed on for direct assistance (Note that Calcul Québec offers email support by system while the other consortia use a single email to support all systems):

Calcul Québec: