Services Provided in Partnership with Compute Canada

From 50GB of Dropbox-like storage to run your lab to terabytes of storage to handle your research data, we can help Compute Canada account holders put your data and files in places that will give you both the room and features you need to get your research done.

Compute Canada Cloud
Cloud computing can extend your research infrastructure for tasks like: research websites or portals, web scraping, data crunching, or running interactive software on systems more powerful than your desktop.

High Performance Computing
Simulations, calculations, data manipulations, and other forms of analysis at a large scale can benefit from using our clusters, large memory machines, and graphic processing unit resources.

Ensure that your research achieves maximum impact by communicating it clearly and effectively with great visualizations. We can connect you to WestGrid experts and applicable software to help you do exactly this.

Hundreds of popular research software packages are pre-installed and ready to go. If what you need is not readily available, we will work with you to either choose an alternative or install software you need.

A variety of training opportunities are available through our Research Computing team as well as our online partners, such as WestGrid. Take a peek into how we can help you learn and evolve your research computing skills. 

Our Partners in Research Computing

Compute Canada, in partnership with it's regional organizations - such as WestGrid, provides the infrastructure that allows for innovation in advanced research computing. Deploying state-of-the-art advanced research computing (ARC) systems, storage and software solutions, Compute Canada is your go-to resource for research computing. To learn more, apply for an account, or access your current account, please visit Compute Canada's website.

WestGrid's team of technical experts work in partnership with Compute Canada to provide advanced research computing facilities and research data management services to researchers across Canada. Providing researchers with training as well as the technical resources for high performance computing, visualization and data storage WestGrid is a outstanding resource for support. To learn more or log into your account, please visit WestGrid's website.