Research Computing

Customized for You, and Your Data

From sciences to arts, researchers across our university are doing amazing things.
IST collaborates with partners in research computing to connect you with Compute Canada's infrastructure and research solutions across Canada. Unsure if we have the solution you need, consult with us! IST's Research Computing Group is here to help you
get the most out of the services provided by Compute Canada and WestGrid.


Your Research Computing Group

Behind-the-scenes system maintenance and front-line training for research computing on campus is all delivered by IST’s Research Computing Group. This group is your support integration to both the expertise held within IST as a whole and to larger groups of research computing experts, like WestGrid and Compute Canada. With so much expertise to draw on moving your research forward just became a whole lot easier.

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Compute Canada

Services Provided by Compute Canada

Compute Canada provides researchers with free storage, computing power, and cloud accounts. All you need to get started is a Compute Canada account.

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Jupyter for Research

The University of Alberta has teamed up with the Pacific Institute for Mathematics Sciences (PIMS) and Compute Canada to bring researchers easy access to Jupyter via

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