A Practical Education

Kriti Khare will complete her Master of Computing Science this summer and hopes to begin a Master of Education (Technology in Education) in September. As well, she has just finished her 4th term as a teaching assistant for the Department of Computing Science’s database class. With her educational background and aspirations, it is not surprising that Kriti is now working as a reporting analyst with IST. As a reporting analyst, Kriti is involved in “building some data bases and doing some data analysis”. Her main responsibility is to “take data from different applications and compile it into a single database”. The creation of such databases makes it easier for others to access the data they need from one source rather than having to access multiple sources.

Collecting data and building databases for IST is much more challenging than the databases she has taught students about in class. The kind of data used in class “is really simple and the numbers are small”, unlike the data she accesses for IST’s databases. Moreover, working with databases in IST has given her “the opportunity to actually build one [which] was very exciting” and to apply her education in a practical way.

Posted by Linda Harrison