Matt Allan is an analyst with the Identity and Application Support team. Last August, Matt came to IST from a managed services company, with a staff of twenty, supporting several small businesses. Now he finds himself supporting a large enterprise with a staff of more than three hundred.

His team has a broad focus with three major categories of support activities. First, Matt’s team together supports Gmail and Google apps. They take care of issues with CCIDs and PeopleSoft records. As the Application Support part of their name suggests, they also troubleshoot applications developed by the IST Applications Development team and best-effort support for home-brewed applications created within our supported departments.

In his job, he sees them most important part of his role in “building relationships because we work with other teams so much.” They work the most with Infrastructure Apps who work on the advanced administration of Google Apps and Gmail.

While at NAIT completing a Computer Network Administrator certificate and a Bachelor of Applied Information Systems Technology, Matt heard Simon Collier speak on career opportunities at IST. Matt immediately made it his end game to work at the University.

Posted by John Morris