A Positive Approach

In 2014, Gail Breum took a year off work to attend the University of Alberta full-time. When the year was over, she thought, “I could spend all my days here”, and that thought led to her joining IST’s Consolidation project. As a senior program manager for the project, Gail “jumped right into project planning for the implementation of desktop tools that will help client support to be more efficient”. However, she considers the most important part of her job to be understanding people’s needs and concerns and the hardest part to be meeting people’s expectations. Gail feels “you can learn the technical details and you can create templates and schedules” but if you do not understand your clients’ needs from the start, then you are not going to be able to fulfill their expectations.

Despite its challenges, Gail “loves” project work and “whatever projects come up next, [she] would be happy to take them on”.

Posted by Linda Harrison