Simply Awesome

Raji has joined IST as a Business Analyst. She brings together stakeholders, operational groups, and solution providers in order to determine and document requirements, to find out who is affected and what solutions they need. While some of the job involves analysis, much of her time is taken up talking to people to understand what is needed.

Raji studied Computer Engineering in Singapore. Just as she realized she had no interest in it, a company recognized that she had the relevant technical knowledge, but, more importantly, the soft skills to work with clients on behalf of IT.

IST is Raji’s second job since moving to Canada. On IST, Raji says, "I find IST highly collaborative. I think that is one of the greatest things about IST; that everyone is so willing to and want to have a discussion about everything. Everything is on the table. There is a lot of contribution of ideas and a lot of brainstorming, which I find is super-healthy and super-exciting. It's what makes me excited about working at IST- all these intelligent minds willing to talk and discuss."

For Raji, business analysis is about trying to understand user needs and bringing them value rather than just fulfilling their requests.

When asked for a single word to describe herself, Raji said, “Awesome.” Because she likes to make people happy, to provide a little laugh, a little chuckle, to brighten someone’s day. We could not agree more.

Posted by John Morris