Nothing Lost in Translation

Wendy Abraniuk is IST’s Training Lead for the current Human Capital Management PeopleSoft upgrade project. Wendy’s primary role is to “set up the training plan, and then implement the training plan and produce all the documentation and support” for the users of PeopleSoft 9.2. She and her colleagues are working “together to build everything from the communications to the training execution”. The functional design documents have been completed and are now being translated into “normal terms” for PeopleSoft’s users. Wendy has been doing “this kind of translation” for 10 years with Oracle’s JD Edwards software, so deciphering PeopleSoft, another of Oracle’s software applications, has not been too difficult.

The most important part of Wendy’s work “is making sure the material and the delivery of the training is clear and concise, and can be used in the future” without having to redo everything. The most enjoyable part of her work is learning and utilizing new documenting techniques and tools. One new time-saving program she is using is User Productivity Kit (UPK) “an Oracle-based program that’s used to record test scripts then turn them into training documentation and online recordings all at once”. Wendy is also learning about e-class and finds it “kind of exciting” as she loves discovering new Learning Management Systems (LMS) and because she thinks e-class will be a very useful training device for the PeopleSoft project.

To date, Wendy has been working on “just the HCM side” of the PeopleSoft project and so far the number of training documents involved comprise “6 different modules [with] anywhere from 2 to 12 topics in each module". That is a lot of work to accomplish in a matter of months but for someone like Wendy who loves training, and loves learning about new ways to make the training easier for her and more accessible to others, the PeopleSoft project is an absorbing and fulfilling challenge.

Posted by Linda Harrison