Updates to UAlberta Login Coming Soon

Information Services and Technology (IST) is updating your login service experience. Coming soon, a brand new login page will display when signing into select applications with your CCID. For additional information, please refer to the FAQ below or email ist@ualberta.ca.


Is there risk of my password being compromised?
No. This login page provides the same secure connection to ensure your password remains as safe and secure as possible. As always, your password will remain safe — as long as you don’t share it out!

Why is this new login page present on some sites and not others?
Migrating 200 applications is not an easy task. IST is currently working through the process of migrating more campus applications to this updated version. Over time you will see the remaining applications switch to this new look.

Are there any new features?
In addition to updating the look of the login page, one new feature integrated into the page is the presence of emergency alerts. Should an emergency alert be sent out across campus, the new login page will display a message alerting you of the emergency and provide a link to any additional content.

The URL for the login page changed, is that correct?
Yes, you may notice upon visiting the login page that you are now taken to login.ualberta.ca.

Attention Service Providers

Are you a service provider running a separate application?
If you are a service provider that has an application configured to authenticate using the legacy Single Sign On service (weblogin.srv.ualberta.ca or saml.srv.ualberta.ca), email ist@ualberta.ca or phone 780-492-9400 and we will assist in transitioning your application to UAlberta Login. In the meantime, please continue to log in as usual.

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