A Passionate Curiosity About Computers

System Analyst 3 Aditya Aneja does not simply work with computers but has a passion for understanding them that enriches so many parts of his life. The year he entered sixth grade in school in India was the year they introduced computer programming into schools. He had a natural affinity for programming, which evolved from a mere subject in school to become a challenge to understand everything about computers. He took this challenge into a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Bombay.

Aditya has been working as a linux system analyst and system security specialist for about thirteen years: his work ”involves having a view of the systems at multiple levels right from the operating systems to the application to how the application is integrated into the infrastructure. It is more of a holistic view. All the thirteen years of experience kick in at once.”

Aditya was recruited from Athabasca University to work on the EDRMS project, on Al Fresco. He works a lot in Java and Python and web services.

The University of Alberta Alfresco project is the largest EDRMS system he has seen. Aditya worked for seven years as the lone system administrator. This job is one of first where he has worked with another administrator. Luckily, he says, their views have matched on a given problem all the time.

Aditya finds the people at IST to be nice and helpful. IST is a very huge department, and it is the first place he has seen a full-blown implementation of ITIL. He is used to solving problems with technical solutions. ITIL compliance gives us consistent, documented approaches to solving problems and processes.

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