Developing Change


As a Junior Application Developer, Manpreet Sivia shares a responsibility with his team for both applications development and maintenance of existing applications in production. Members of Manpreet’s team know their roles, but they also know the roles of other team members: separate teams for projects and maintenance have disappeared. The result is greater team interaction and greater agility in response to change.

The first thing Manpreet noticed about IST was “change, change, change.” Difficult at first, accepting change is now second nature: once you understand your environment, you adapt.

Manpreet sees advantages in change. In an industrial environment, developers typically work in one programming language/framework only. Businesses do not like change, and they prefer to work with one vendor only. In an academic environment, application development uses different languages to accommodate the different needs and processes of different departments. The variety of approaches creates a dynamic work environment with room to learn and grow and develop.

Manpreet has recently been involved in a project for the Faculty of Law to develop and deploy an application to manage the large numbers of grants and awards applications submitted each year by law students. This new application gives Law support staff real-time management of awards applications as they are received.

Up next, Manpreet will be working on a learning application programming in laravel and .net framework. Once again, he will work with clients to gather their requirements. His team will meet to break the project into specific tasks for development and feedback. Finally, they will test for user acceptance and put the application into production.

Manpreet attended Georgian College where he obtained a diploma in computer programming. He is also a certified engineering technologist through the ASET: Association of Science & Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta.

Manpreet feels “lucky to work in such a nice place. Management is amazing. The team is great here. You really learn a lot from others.”

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