Telephone Services

Communicate effectively

In any urgent situation, communication is essential. Telephones are still the fastest and often the most reliable way to reach people. If you’re a staff or faculty member, you are likely eligible for a phone. IST provides telephone equipment rentals, phone number installations, moves, feature additions, and accessories to staff and faculty across campus. 

How do I submit TEMS telephone orders, view telephone billings and reports?

To submit telephone orders, view telephone billings and reports, please visit The Telecom Expense Management System (TEMS). You will need to log in using your CCID.
Please view our training materials for more information on how to login and use TEMS.

How do I use Voicemail on my Desk Phone?

Please read our Voicemail Instruction Guide for more information.

What are the options for voicemail?

There are various voicemail features available for you to add to your university issued phone. Please touch base with your departmental contact if you wish to add the following voicemail features:

  • Convert a message from voicemail into a digital audio file that can then be emailed to you
  • Set up an alternate greeting, which is an extended absence greeting that blocks messages from being left until it is removed
  • Provide callers the option of pressing “0” to be redirected to another number

Additional charges may apply. 

If you do not have voicemail, you can add it to your university phones for an additional price. If you wish to reset or change your voicemail password, you can contact IST.

How do I use telephone sets on campus?

There are a variety of phone sets your departmental telecommunications contact can request. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from the following list of phone sets available and their tutorials: 

PBX Phone Sets

VOIP Phone Sets

Analog Phone Sets

How can I find contact information for a University of Alberta employee?

U of A Phone Book
The U of A phone book provides you with a directory of all university employees for you to easily look up the number you need to call.

Am I eligible for a telephone or cell phone?

As a staff or faculty member, you may be eligible for a wired phone or a university issued cell phone.

To determine eligibility, contact your departmental telecommunications contact for additional information and approval. If you are eligible for a desk phone or a university issued cell phone and have received departmental approval, contact IST for assistance. As long as you have a working telephone jack and are able to provide us with your room number and building location, we are happy to coordinate phone installation and setup.

If your departmental contact has approved a university issued cell phone, we will order in the chosen device and set it up through our Pay-Per-Use plan. Our Pay-Per-Use plan includes competitive rates for talk, text, long-distance and roaming through Telus or Bell. For more information, visit Pay-Per-Use Plan.

If you are looking for specific services related to telephone equipment rentals, phone number installations, moves, feature addition, and accessories visit us on the second floor of the General Services Building (GSB) in 2-10.

Are there employee personal/family plans available for Internet, TV and Mobile Phones?

TELUS is pleased to offer University of Alberta employee purchase plans for both Mobility services as well as Home Bundles (Optik TV, Internet and Phone). The TELUS Future Friendly Home Package code is UAB5317.

For Mobility Services please contact either of the following two TELUS Authorized Dealers:

What do I need to know about traveling abroad and roaming charges?

If you’re traveling out of the country, learn more about the zone information from TELUS and Bell

For information on roaming:

What if my current plan has not yet transferred to Pay-Per-Use?

As of October 29, 2014 all corporate TELUS plans have been transferred to Pay-Per-Use billing. For plans that have not yet transferred to Pay-Per-Use (i.e., all Rogers plans), please refer to the following document for details on available roaming packages offered through Rogers.

What Cabling Standards are required for Telecommunications during renovations or construction?

Information on this can be found on the IST Cabling Standards page.