All About Research

“Having a good relationship with people I support” is a top priority for Tyler Peterson. As a senior deskside analyst at IST, Tyler’s primary focus is supporting the chemistry faculty. Within the faculty, deskside analysts are “... supporting everything from proprietary operating systems that no one has ever heard of to the latest and greatest Linux flavours or Windows 7… there’s everything in-between.”

Working on campus is the “best job” Tyler says of his role and individual impact “... people are doing really cool research and I’m sort of tangentially related to it. … Every now and then you can tell a professor or grad student something they didn’t know about and it can make their job and their research a whole lot easier and faster”.

Tyler recalls such an example occurred when speaking to a graduate student about graphics cards and their usefulness in computation. Through the adaptation and use of the cards in the students’ research, they were able to speed up computation, “something that would take three weeks, now would only take a week.” That particular graduate student will be defending their thesis this August and Tyler says “that feels really great.”

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