Searching for Efficiency

Encouraging new ideas and adjustments to workflow are all part of the day-to-day for Shama Rana and fellow business analysts at IST. The team, led by Dagmar Morin, primarily focuses on “looking for efficiencies” in an effort to “make peoples’ jobs simpler, more efficient”. The process first begins when management in a given business unit recognize a need for improvement; thereafter, business analysts are brought in to observe and assess the workflow first hand, “you’re looking at their day-to-day activities their day-to-day job, that’s the part I love”. Shama is grateful to be in a role that allows her to interact with a diverse group of people and learn about their particular assignments as it offers the ability to “improve their day-to-day lives”.

Shama sees the role of business analyst as a natural fit and found she was already by instinct performing many of the tasks associated with the role “you’re doing it but you didn’t realize you were doing it”. Once a project is completed, Shama will move on to tackle the next project in her portfolio, “you’re always moving from one to the other … your role is to look for these efficiencies in a particular area and when that comes to an end, move onto the next area”.

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