First Contact

As one of IST’s computer operators, Vedran Kurbegovic can monitor “pretty much any [IT] device on campus from a switch to a router to a computer”. He also monitors “the humidity, the temperature, and any environmental changes in the data centres” as any “sudden spike” in conditions could cause a lot of problems. The core switches are the most critical as “everything else is connected to them so if one of them goes down, then 60 other things go down”. The optimum temperature range for the data centres is 20-26 Celsius and any variation of that range would affect “millions of dollars of equipment”.

Vedran and IST’s other computer operators are the first contacts when incidents occur and are the key communicators in those situations. They know who to call and are “the first ones notifying the teams to come and get the incidents resolved”. Although the data centre “is our main concern”, they are “also responsible for communications after hours, for IT calls and stuff like that”. When Vedran began working for IST, he “was on nights for 12 hours by myself and pretty nervous at first, but after a while you get used to it, and once you know the steps it’s all the same”. Still, it is reassuring to know that Vedran and his colleagues are on the alert for unexpected incidents however routine the process may be most of the time.

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