Navigating New Pathways

Suzelle Umeobieri, a business analyst with IST, is part of the team that is working on CAUS, the Campus Alberta Unified Services project. The purpose of CAUS is to consolidate the IT, business and financial services of post-secondary institutions (PSI’s) to help them meet their administrative needs at a reduced cost.  Under CAUS, the University of Alberta will “host them in our system, and with our support they’ll get a better system than they could otherwise afford”. Olds College was “the first PSI to sign up for PeopleSoft but hopefully there are other schools that will sign on in the future”.

Suzelle joined IST’s Enterprise Applications Department in September and the Olds College Peoplesoft Implementation portion of the CAUS project officially began October 1st. Currently, Suzelle is working with Olds College, TCS and UofA staff ensuring business needs are met on all fronts and the implementation goes as smoothly as possible. Understandably, one of Suzelle’s main roles is that of a good communicator: “dealing with everyone, making sure that they can ask me questions, and then finding the answer or the person who has the answer for them”. Overall Suzelle feels working on the CAUS project is a great learning experience and is enjoying it.

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