Meet Mike Fraser

Mike Fraser has been a Deskside Support Analyst in IST for less than a year, but he is considered to be the “e-mobility champion of Deskside” for his dedication helping IST’s clients whatever their needs and wherever they may be. After earning his CNA from NAIT and his “dues” from 5 years with Apple, Mike “likes that at IST I’m trusted to do my own thing and get my stuff done on time and everyone is happy”. Although he has not received an “official award” for his vigilance, “they [Deskside] always put me in the newsletter with a funny picture of me, like in a tree or something like that”. When he is not supporting his campus clients, Mike likes to repair or modify his “own stuff just for the challenge”. The most difficult computer he ever fixed was “an old G4 MacPro”. As with computers, Mike is “a big DIY guy, in [his] condo and elsewhere”. He also loves to watch hockey and make vegan food. This past Christmas, Mike “took the easy way out and bought a field roast which is a turkey substitute” but made all the side dishes: roasted root vegetables, green beans, balsamic Brussel sprouts and his “favourite thing in the world”, mashed potatoes. He is a natural chef who “doesn’t believe in recipes but goes at it anyway [he wants]”. 
“Vegan nachos are the best thing ever”
Mike also likes to write reviews of restaurants—his favourite right now is Café Mosaics—and is “in the process of creating [his] own review site”. As well as reviewing restaurants, Mike’s website is “going to be about showing people that it’s easy to be vegan in Edmonton”. Although his site “won’t be a recipe site”, perhaps he will include just one as he claims his “vegan nachos are the best thing ever”.

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