Keeping Watch

When a device in the data centre indicates a problem, Chakit Garg and fellow computer operators are on the move and keep pace with a clear system of protocols to ensure all is resolved. The 3215 devices, some of which are in the data centre and others across campus, are monitored for system, network and application events. “We’re [here] for monitoring,” Chakit says of his role as a computer operator at IST, “we’ll go check to see what the device is, how the analysts want us to react.” If it’s a critical “24-7 device” the computer operators will phone an on-call analyst to look after a fast resolution.

Outside of the above devices, they also monitor and control the temperature, humidity and uninterrupted/electrical power supply to the data centre including limiting physical access so only the right people are allowed in.

Chakit is one of nine individuals on the Physical Infrastructure team led by team lead Ashton Wong. With a Graduate Diploma in Information Security, Chakit has a lot of educational knowledge and is now gaining the practical hands-on experience through his work at the university. Working in IST, Chakit says, “it’s amazing, I love the culture over here … people admire eachother.”

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