A Different Path

After receiving a Bachelor of Commerce degree at the U of A, Katie-Lynn Kimble’s career took a different path. She decided to follow her interest in software and entered NAIT’s Digital Media and IT program. One of the general streams of the program was Application Programming and she “really liked it so just went with it and focused and finished it in 2 years”. With her newly acquired Application Development diploma she joined IST’s Application Development team.

As a junior application developer, Katie-Lynn’s “tasks depend on the week” and “wherever the team needs [her]”. From helping the team purchase and install extensions into software, and customizing software, through “inputting data into software that we’re working on so that we can show clients”, Katie-Lynn’s work weeks are very busy. During any spare time that she has, she teaches herself “new programming languages”.

Katie-Lynn enjoys working for IST in general, and for the Application Development team in particular, as everyone on the team strives to make “software that people actually can use and that helps the students and teachers and staff actually do their [work] better and more efficiently”.

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