Opportunities Abound

Working in the northwest quadrant of campus, deskside analyst William Campbell looks after Graduate Studies and most of the Sciences including the Dean’s Office, CCIS, BioSci and Math - each having a wide range of requests that often involve network, desktop or phone issues. “It’s never boring that’s for sure.”

With so many different departments/faculties, William says there is no shortage of opportunities, “… you can always find something else to do … if you express interest in something, they’ll find you a role, based on your skills and strengths. “It’s a great place to work for sure, lots of intangible perks.”

As a self-described people person, William says it is important to build relationships at the university, “you need to focus on building relationships … I’m a people person, I like to help people and work with them… when you connect with people, you see how passionate they are about what they do ... you can see their eyes light up when they speak about it ... it’s really good to understand not just the day-to-day challenges they have with their equipment, but other obstacles they have to contend with to get their work done.”

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