Curious & Lucky

As a Systems Analyst on the Server & Application Hosting team, Dawn Taylor’s job is one project after another, “we do a lot of projects … right now I’m working on Splunk”. Splunk is a log aggregator that functions to collect information about servers and devices on campus; this in turn allows the team to monitor machinery and take action if necessary to “figure out what’s broken”. It also “drastically cuts down on the time needed to troubleshoot problems because we can look at more than one server at a time”.

Dawn’s focus surrounding Splunk is continual improvement of the program and ensuring program stability. Alongside program upkeep, the team is also raising awareness and encouraging adoption by more teams in IST. Apart from Splunk Dawn focuses on support of database applications, web server applications and Linux applications.

Since starting at the university, Dawn mentions a common drive is recognizable in each individual working on campus: “everybody [wants] the university to be better … everybody’s passionate about it and everybody will go the extra hundred miles to make it happen”. Dawn also finds a likeminded atmosphere for all who study and work here, “this place is Disneyland for people who want to learn” and with the hard work of everyone involved, “the place is becoming even better”.

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