The Google Project

Ever since Zachary Irmen graduated with a Computing Science degree from the University of Alberta, he’s been in the IT field for fifteen years. As a Systems Analyst for the Infrastructure Applications Team, Zach spends most of his time developing, coding, and learning new programming languages. Currently, Zach’s focus is learning how to interact with Google. The project involves synchronizing account information between CCID’s and Google. Information surrounding new accounts, taking down old ones, and password changes all become propagated into Google.

Zach shares an office with three other colleagues who are all working on the Google project. His environment is “quite the change” from his previous jobs, however, he’s been adjusting and admits that sharing an office “helps you learn what else goes on in the group and problems [colleagues] deal with. I’ve learned a lot.” He also adds that “Everyone in that office I’m with right now is focused on this Google project that we’re doing right now. There’s plenty collaboration going on right there.” With many people working on the same project, the collaboration and discussion Zach and his team practice will be key to solving any problems they may face.

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