Professors & Students At the Helm

Classroom technology, specifically “A/V installation, design and implementation with new technology” are exactly where Allan Angeles places his focus everyday. As a Repair & Deployment technician under team lead Yvan Mireault, Allan is tasked with optimizing classrooms for use by professors and students. Each classroom setup has numerous elements to take into consideration: “projectors, sound systems, product inputs, videoconferencing, touch panels, programming” to name a few. Allan mentions once a classroom is setup, it is important to stay in-the-know of product developments since new products hit the market “every six months”. Though the team has a standard setup for every classroom, speaking to professors to determine specific needs can uniquely shape a setup configuration, including the influence of new technologies.

In addition to working with professors, Repair & Deployment collaborates with many teams around the university to assist in technology selection and solutions including networking, F&O, relationship managers, and event production. Allan appreciates the variety Repair & Deployment offers and regards the role as a “blessing in disguise” as it assists in keeping him active and on the move.

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