Communicating Success

Borislav Misita, a business analyst, is part of a small team within IST which is working on a big project: the Graduate Admissions. The Graduate Admissions project is intended to help streamline and speed up the application, review and admission process for graduate students. With a scheduled implementation for October 1st, 2015, the project will have a huge positive impact in not only departments offering graduate studying by accelerating admission adjudication time and getting high-quality applicants but also prospective graduate students. Prospective graduate students would be able to submit their application online, upload necessary supporting documentation, communicate with the departments online, monitor the application review progress, etc. Borislav’s goal is to help make the application process “more user-friendly” and “to speed it up”. Ultimately, he feels that the better process will allow the University “to be more competitive with other institutions”.

Borislav’s business and IT background—he has a degree in Economics and Computer Systems Technology as well as many years of experience as a business analyst—is an asset to his team and the project. His strength is communication as he “is more of a people person, likes communicating, talking to people rather than just coding”. And as the Graduate Admissions project involves many people from most of the University, great communication and people skills will be an essential part of its successful completion.

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