Likes to stay busy

Lorraine McCrimmon “likes to stay busy” and as IST’s Service Delivery Manager for PeopleSoft she is kept very busy going “to a lot of meetings, . . . looking after production issues if they come up, managing change requests to the application, working on upgrades and, right now, working on a pre-upgrade”. Lorraine “had lots of experience with PeopleSoft” when she was working for the Government of Alberta. Her challenge now is to further adapt the product to the University’s needs. And, as part of IST’s Enterprise Applications team, Lorraine works closely with that team’s other members to streamline and enhance the PeopleSoft processes which will “make life easier for HR staff across the University”.

Lorraine worked in payroll at the GoA “for many years” and has been certified by the Canadian Payroll Association. When she got into “the systems stuff” on the GoA’s PeopleSoft project, she attended NAIT at nights and received first, her Computer Systems Technology diploma, and second, her Bachelor of Applied Information Systems Technology. Needing a change, and seeing IST’s posting for a PeopleSoft position, brought Lorraine to the University. She enjoys working for IST and feels that the most important part of her job is recognizing that “I’m here to provide a service and to make sure that I work together with all the stakeholders to provide the best possible product for the University”.

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