“The team is a bit like a multi-tool” with “a lot of different skills” James says of the Deskside 5 team led by Team Lead Eric Cheung. The team consists of individuals under LCS (Learning and Collaboration Support) who primarily focus in areas such as “video conferencing, event production, room bookings” and Deskside individuals who focus on computer operations. James fits into the role as the “front line support with clients”, “if somebody has an issue and they call the help desk and it’s not something they can do over the phone, I get sent out to look at it”.

Currently, James is assigned to the Southwest quadrant of the university and looks after several departments within Ancillary services, which include Residence and Parking, among others. He says the role allows him to interact “with a lot of different teams” around campus including “System Administration, Edge networking and Core Networking”. James is pleased to be a part of the IST team where the most rewarding part of his job is “the feeling of helping someone do their job”.

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