The Philosophy of Design

As the graphic designer for IST’s Communications team, Lauren Sigvaldason finds that the work she does, creating “visuals for [IST’s] website, visuals for emails, working on creating brands for [other] websites like the Connect Conference”, contributes to her understanding of how design influences people, herself included.

Having a long time interest in graphic design, from high school through her degree in Industrial Design to her current work with IST, Lauren has always been interested in the connection between people and design as understanding how people see themselves “aids greatly in design work”. And whether she is designing a poster or branding an IST project like Service Now, Lauren tries “to create a single message that speaks to the masses while still having a personalized touch”.

Ultimately, Lauren—and the Communications team—are responsible for designing a “visual” of IST which will help foster the culture of the University and develop a sense of community, both internally and externally, “as we’re here to support each other and to support the campus as well”.

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