A Proficient Communicator

Peter Omage is a master communicator. In his role as a Project Manager, he works closely with the Relationship Management team to become aware of proposed initiatives for faculties and business units. Once they are recognized, it is then Peter’s responsibility to coordinate with the right people to deliver initiatives into projects and ensure things run smoothly and on course. On a daily basis, he works with teams within IST to drive initiatives, coordinate activities and oversee progress on projects. He highlights the most important responsibilities are managing people and communication and further describes the role as one where you “collaborate with people, build relationships and solve problems”.

It’s obvious through speaking with Peter that he is skilled and knowledgeable in his work. He credits this advantage to previous work experience where he refined key skills while learning, “how to organize work, how to resolve issues, how to communicate effectively and appropriately, they come with experience”. A variety of Project Management and Leadership certifications and his degree in Business Administration complement his work experience.

Peter first learned about IST while at a social gathering; he recalls speaking to an employee of IST who spoke highly of the department’s direction. Now as a team member himself, Peter speaks highly of the department and touches on the unique aspects that make IST shine including a focus on “collaboration”, making decisions as a team and working in “an environment without walls”.

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