Never A Still Moment

As a Repair and Deployment Technician with Information Services and Technology (IST), Shawn Ratke “crosses Campus at least once a day, if not ten times” dealing mostly with computer and audiovisual hardware issues. When a computer needs to be “swapped out” or a new one installed, or audiovisual equipment needs to be moved, or any sort of sound reinforcement needs to be done, then the IST’s Depot Operations team—will be there to do the work. Shawn appreciates how well he and his colleagues on the Depot Operations team collaborate—“everybody bounces ideas back and forth”—and how their collective skills complement one another’s.

Shawn studied audio visual communications at MacEwan and has spent the last 20-plus years “on the technical side of production” in media productions, corporate videos, and television shows. Apart from the interesting work, Shawn found that one of the benefits of media production was that “you’re always learning about the different topics you’re producing”. Similarly, as he works around campus, Shawn is learning a lot about the University.

Although Shawn enjoyed his previous work in media production, he is happy to have exchanged the uncertainty of freelancing for the University’s greater stability and better work and life balance. And as the University “has been in business for 100 years and it’s going to be here for a while more”, Shawn will be making many more trips out and about campus.

Posted by lsigvald