A Grand Planner

When Emily Challons arrived in Canada last year, she knew where she wanted to live and what she wanted to do. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, she “had always wanted to live in another country to see what it was like”, and she wanted to live in Canada near the Rockies because she “loves hiking and camping”. Shortly after arriving in Edmonton, Emily applied for the position of Executive Administrative Assistant in Information Services and Technology (IST), and she was very determined to get this job because “it spoke to me—even on paper it spoke to me”.

Now, as the Executive Administrative Assistant to IST’s Executive Director, Trevor Woods, Emily works on “a varied amount of tasks” including but not limited to assisting the Executive Team, coordinating meetings, managing calendars, space planning, and anything to do with the operations side of IST. Her “tasks are always different, and not one week has been the same” since she arrived at IST.

Emily’s current position is “definitely a progression” for her. Previously, she had worked as an executive assistant to a CEO, and as an event manager, but those “past roles” took place in the private sector. She is enjoying her move to the public sector. Unlike working in the private sector, working for the University and IST is not just about working for “the benefits of our selves, but for a broader purpose”, and as such Emily feels that “I’m not just doing a job, I’m assisting a movement”.

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