The Really, Really Long Way

Krista Westly has spent the last twenty years in higher education. Between studying and working, she’s been a part of four different post-secondary institutions, and says she went about getting into HR “the really, really long way.”

“I just kind of fell into HR,” she says. “But I thought it was a good direction to go. I could see growth and opportunity more so than with any other job I’d had previously.”

As the HR Team Lead for IST, Krista is focused on making HR procedures and communications consistent for staff. Since starting in October, she’s been working on understanding what processes IST has built so far, finding out where the department’s resources are, and trying to put them all together on a shared drive so everything is documented and up to date.

“I take pride in my work, and I like to demonstrate that by getting things done, helping people, and making myself valuable,” Krista explains. “I have lots of day-to-day tasks, but the most important part of my job is providing a consistent message to employees so I can make their jobs easier.”

After holding jobs in audio-visual communications, business administration, and event planning, Krista began earning her Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation while working with the Faculty of Extension. She worked with the Faculties of Science and Medicine before accepting her current position with IST.

“I’m passionate about what I do,” Krista says. “I’m driven, I’m ambitious. I’m not overly serious, but I like to get a job done.”


Posted by Sheena Moore