Full Circle

When Markian Hlynka walked into his new office, he described it as nerd heaven: four giant monitors, specialized keyboards, a soldering iron, a dissection microscope. He thought, “These are my people… I’m in the right place.”

As a Computer Support Analyst, Markian is the newest Unix specialist for IST. Since starting in December, he’s been re-writing and re-deploying firewall rules for gateways, learning how to do lab and classroom software updates for 300 machines at once, and analyzing system logs.

“I felt at home with IST right away because there was work in progress and bits of electronics everywhere,” Markian says. “My team is friendly, work-focused, they know how to get things done. They’re a fun bunch of people, and they’ve made me feel like I fit right in.”

Previously, Markian was a Support Analyst with the Registrar’s Office, one of only two people on his team. He holds a BSc in Computing Science and a Master’s in Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms, and he started a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Games.

“I didn’t finish the degree,” Markian says, “but I figured out that I wanted to be an analyst or an administrator. I spent a lot of time in grad studies solving problems that were systems-related, not research-related, and it just took a long time to realize that that’s where my passion lay.”

Now, Markian has come full circle, offering the University the same level of learning, teaching, and research support he once received.

“Supporting computing science labs in my new role is really exciting because that’s where I started,” Markian explains. “Now I’m helping another generation of students do what they need to do and learn what they need to learn.”


Posted by Sheena Moore