When Robyn Smith graduated, she knew computers were the way of the future. She earned a degree in computer engineering and worked in finance before eventually making her way to IST, where she’s taken on the role of Administrative Assistant.

Robyn originally started with the University as part of Interim Staffing Solutions, then joined IST in August 2017 when an admin position opened up. She was hired full-time three months later in November. Since then, she’s been supporting IST executives and directors by handling their email, calendaring, going to meetings, taking minutes, and arranging travel.

“Organization is the biggest part of the job,” Robyn claims. “You need to stay on top of things and know what’s going on.”

Prior to working at the University, Robyn held careers in both database programming and investment banking, the latter of which she worked in for twelve years.

“I enjoyed finance,” she recounts. “But when the market crashed in 2008 and people who were about to retire lost their life’s savings, it was too much pressure. These are things you don’t think of as being all-encompassing until you have some kind of crisis.”

So far, Robyn is enjoying the change a University career offers her. “I’ve always lived in a small town, and that’s how it feels here. The University is its own little community. It’s been good.”

Posted by Sheena Moore