Testing, Testing, and More Testing

Since starting as a Business Analyst with IST, Sandra Der describes her work in one way: “Testing, testing, and more testing.” Of course, when you join a team and jump into the middle of a major PeopleTools upgrade, there aren’t many other words you can use. “It’s a good thing I knew how to test,” she adds.

Sandra joined IST in August, although her work with the department dates back seventeen years. Her first interaction with IST was with the Office of the Registrar, where she advised students and worked with PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. But it wasn’t until her team went through an extensive PeopleSoft upgrade that Sandra realized how much she enjoyed the work.

“I found the upgrade super challenging and really interesting,” Sandra recounts. “It grew from there.”

With her secondment to IST from the Faculty of Extension, Sandra now has the opportunity to work with the employee side of the Campus Solutions application, all the while maintaining the same attitude that has driven her work on the student side.

“Being accurate and open-minded is the most important part of my job,” she says. “I’m dealing with the integrity of the employee record. And in a position like this, you have to be adaptable and open to change, because things aren’t always going to work out the way you intended.”

Currently, the PeopleTools upgrade is Sandra’s main focus. Once that’s complete, the rest of her job can begin. “It’s really nose to the grindstone right now,” says Sandra. “Everyone is super helpful, and I’m learning a lot because I’m finding and questioning things along the way. After this project is done, I’ll be learning what my job truly is.”

Posted by Sheena Moore