Up to the Challenge

The start of the school year means new books and classes for many people on campus, but for Atridad Lahiji, it means working alongside the rest of the eClass team to support the University community while they take on fall courses.

Since starting as a Junior Support Analyst with the eClass team in July, Atridad has kept busy working on documentation and occasionally testing features for the development team. However, his main focus is helping the University’s students and instructors navigate eClass.

“Good customer service and open communication with clients is the most important part of my job,” says Atridad. “Especially at the start of term… timely communication is important when everyone is panicking and requesting their courses.”

Fortunately, Atridad is used to a busy work environment. While getting his undergrad degree, he worked as a Student Assistant with ICT — the University of Saskatchewan’s IT support team. Those five years of experience taught him how to juggle a steep workload and a hectic schedule.

With a degree in computer engineering complete and a degree in computer science one elective away from being complete, Atridad is focused on the future. But whatever he pursues next, his interests will always lie with technology and IT.

“I started off with an interest in software development,” he recalls. “Then I got interested in hardware and decided to explore that more… when it came time to choose an undergrad degree, I decided to go with computer engineering, and I don’t regret that at all. It was challenging, but definitely worth it.”


Posted by Sheena Moore