Adult Lego

Growing up in the country with barely any Internet access may lead some away from a career path in IT, but not Scott Anderson. “I liked troubleshooting, I liked problem solving, and like any little kid, I liked Lego,” Scott says. “To me, computers are just adult Lego.”

As a Client Support Analyst under Team Lead Stefan Sirdiak, Scott has plenty of opportunities to fit those pieces together. Since starting with the department in February, Scott has been busy offering IT support, handling general workstation imaging, setting up new machines, troubleshooting application problems, and implementing the Desktop Toolset Project, where he helped install software in every Mac on campus.

“Client communication is the most important part of my job,” Scott claims. “As long as the client understands why something is broken, and why it can or cannot be fixed, they tend to be pretty happy.”

Previously, Scott worked in computer retail and tech support roles with small business. “Working in the public sector makes this job a little different,” he says. “You’re spending taxpayer dollars, not CEO dollars, so you have to put more thought into your actions.”

Posted by Sheena Moore